Our Glorious Deeds
2013, sort of based on a true story

This story is 20-odd pages of an extremely far-fetched and fantastical moment of reflection in the middle of the story of Princess Pingyang, which is why it does not even try to do Li Shimin justice (I am sure he has had enough movies and TV series made about him already anyway!!)

The shepherd was meant to be the ghost of Kai Khosrow but (fortunately?) sanity and deadlines held me back from making up any meaningful connection between Persian legends and ancient Chinese history. I tried my best to make everything else historically accurate until I read that telescopes had not yet been invented at this point in history - at which point I decided I won't care if you (the reader) won't care - and focused my remaining energy on drawing the horses extra cute.

Finally, I hate war. There is nothing glorious about it at all. This is the story of a girl who loved her family and other people very much. Thank you for reading!